Which country is the best for offshore banking?

Is offshore banking illegal?

An offshore company is a company that is registered in another country that provides certain tax benefits for doing business outside its jurisdiction. This is a legitimate way to reduce the tax burden on your company. In developed countries, the size of tax deductions is constantly growing. Not surprisingly, many business owners decide to buy offshore. The most popular are ready-made companies registered in small states (mainly island). Such countries have limited resources to develop their own economies. They establish acceptable rates for the sale of offshore companies for foreign entrepreneurs and get a stable profit. These registered companies have a prerequisite: work only in foreign markets. To open or buy offshore in finished form, you should carefully analyze all available offers. After all, some companies have low profitability and are able to cause damage to the owner.

How to choose an offshore zone?

If you decide to open an offshore company, it is useful to familiarize yourself with the criteria for selecting such a jurisdiction.

Economic stability and political independence of the region. This criterion is crucial for offshore. Indeed, with the frequent change of government in the state, its legislation also changes. If there is no stability in the country, then the new government can easily note tax breaks for foreign companies, and this will negatively affect the profitability of the enterprise.

Privacy Compliance. In a number of states that offer offshore discovery services, there are certain requirements. They obliged to provide information about the owner of the company and enter them in a special register. It is advisable to choose jurisdictions where there are no such requirements for new and already registered legal entities.

Requirements for the financial statements of the company. In many offshore areas, there is no need for mandatory financial reporting. In other states where the opening of a company with tax benefits is also allowed, this requirement is made. In fact, at the end of the reporting period, the entrepreneur is obliged to submit reports on the economic activities of his company. This is not very convenient, because many business owners register offshore not only to reduce the tax burden but also to simplify accounting.

Tax regime. Usually, entrepreneurs try to open an offshore company where the minimum tax rates apply. In this case, other criteria should be taken into account, since the benefits of the lowest tariff can be leveled by other mandatory conditions.

To obtain more detailed information about offshore banking visit the Offshore Citizen site.

How to register an offshore company?

In order to register or acquire a company offshore as quickly and efficiently, one should thoroughly study the laws and requirements of existing jurisdictions, know what nuances should be taken into account in order to choose a zone with the conditions most beneficial for a particular business. Obviously, it will take a long time for an uninitiated person to understand all these features and not make a mistake when choosing jurisdiction for his company. A simpler and more reliable option is to use the services of a company that registers legal entities in offshore zones. 

We have partners in all popular offshore zones and with their help, we will help you to register a company in a suitable jurisdiction. The reliability of our partners is time tested, and the prices for services are quite democratic. Today, we offer to register about 70 countries, a complete list of which you will find on the website. Our specialists have enormous experience in the field of business registration abroad. We are constantly tracking changes in the laws of offshore jurisdictions and always have relevant information on this issue. With our help, you can purchase ready-made or open a new company in the offshore. 

Offshore or offshore: how to?

In English, “offshore” literally means “across the coast.” In the Russian language, the variant “offshore” was originally used, but later, in official publications and dictionaries, the spelling from one form took root. At the moment, there is no consensus about the correctness of the spelling of this word in the Russian language, however, among the professional market participants is more often used the option “offshore”.