Money advances on credit cards and the problems they create

All credit cards allow you to obtain cash advances. On the other hand, even if the existence of cash advances seems convenient to you, that does not mean that you should benefit from it. Withdrawing money from your credit card is the first step towards a precarious financial situation. In fact, cash advances are a great source of income for credit card companies that take advantage of people's difficult financial situations. Being one of the worst financial transactions possible, cash advances affect your credit history and lead directly to debt. These are some facts you should know before deciding to apply for a cash advance on your credit card.

Additional costs

Using your credit card in an ATM is not the same as using your debit card at the same ATM. By using the credit card, the credit company will charge you additional fees for borrowing money, not to mention the usual costs of an ATM. Money advance fees range from $ 10 to $ 20, so a $ 20 withdrawal could cost you $ 30 to $ 40 at the end.

Interest rate

If the imposition of additional fees does not discourage you enough, interest rates should probably succeed. Similar to any normal transaction made from a credit card, cash advances are subject to interest rates. But, unlike traditional transactions, when you advance money, you lose the grace period. What does that mean ? In short, you will pay the interest on the cash advance immediately after the withdrawal. In addition, interest on cash advances is usually higher than interest rates associated with simple purchases. Interest can vary between 1 and 7% depending on your credit card company.

Credit score

Each of your financial decisions influences your credit rating. The credit score represents the soul of your financial life. Taking large cash advances on your credit card or even taking small amounts makes the full refund much more difficult. Having a large debt on your credit card for a long time will definitely affect your credit rating in a negative way. As a result, it will be more difficult to obtain a loan in the future or to be approved for a mortgage.

Too much debt on your credit card makes you a worrying and risky customer in the eyes of the banks, who will be less inclined to do business with you. In addition, if ever the bank grants you a loan, the interest rate that will be offered to you will be significantly higher than the normal rate.

There are other alternatives

Other alternatives are available to you in financially difficult situations. There are other borrowing opportunities that will allow you to address your financial difficulties quickly, as well as being more beneficial in the long run.

  • Personal credit
  • Credit on your automobile title
  • Mortgage line of credit

Before inserting your credit card into an ATM, find out about these three alternatives. You will be surprised to see how fast and useful they are compared to cash advances. In the long run, one of the alternatives will save you a lot of money, given that interest rates are lower than cash advances.

With a personalized / private loan, you will be able to repay the costs of cash advances and pay most of your credit card debt. The personalized loan allows you to start from scratch. In addition, the use is easy and fast: a single payment with respect to your private lender.

Start now

Credit cards are useful. On the other hand, do not let the immediate benefits of cash advances destroy your long-term credit history. Financial problems are a heavy burden on your shoulders . But the sooner you start looking for alternatives, the sooner you reach your financial freedom.